Holo Boss Prisma Eyeshadow


Holo Boss Prisma was five years in the making, through countless formula testing we were able to perfect a true holographic eyeshadow. Feel the rainbow sparkles on your eyes! 

A unique hybrid eyeshadow formulated with 100% real holographic micro flakies in the translucent base that allows lights to illuminate on the skin for a strong sparkling diamond effect. The formula is soft and smooth to touch, it glides on like butter and it’s comfortable on the skin.

Comes with a custom-made jewelry-like box that intrigues your sense of sight and touch on the Holo Boss Prisma Eyeshadow!

Application/ how to apply:
Apply using fingers first, then blend it with a brush. It can be applied on it's own or layer over color eyeshadow. 

Product details:

  • 100% real holographic eyeshadow. NO FAKE HOLO! 
  • Micro holographic flakies in a translucent base for a strong sparkling diamond effect
  • Not a glitter, no rough or sandy texture on eyelids
  • Gel-like hybrid formula, soft and smooth to touch
  • Glides on smooth and easy like butter, comfortable on the skin
  • Sleek eyeshadow pot enclosed in a custom-made jewelry box inspired holographic packaging
  • Safe, certified cruelty-free and vegan
  • Volume: 4g (0.14 oz.)

You will receive:

  1. Holo Boss Prisma Eyeshadow x 1


We first approached a popular factory which manufactures cosmetics for big brands, and were so happy when they said that they made holographic cosmetics! But unfortunately, we soon found out those weren’t REAL holo… We spent some time explaining what holographic really is, and that it’s not just throwing different colored shimmers together and calling it holo! 

So we started from scratch, taking close to 2 years of experiments and finalizing the formula. Once we nailed it down, we tested the formula with packaging and made sure it passed safety tests. FINALLY, we present to you possibly the world’s first real holographic eyeshadow!

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