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First Impression Matte Lipstick

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For limited time only, save moreย when you purchase the set! Available in limited quantities only!

Our unique lipstick formula delivers an innovative velvety matte finish while fuses with saturated pigment for opaque coverage yet lightweight on the lips for maximum comfort! Super smooth & creamy in texture formulated to blur the appearance of imperfections.

Choose from 6 impressive shades and complete the look with matching matte nail polish shades so that you can look on point wherever you go. Ready to impress, this matte finish lipstick is going to be the weightless and moisturizing lipstick that you've been waiting for. Every tube in the collection will offer that bright modern lipstick attitude with the matte finish to give you that air of sophistication. All in luxurious comfort, of course.

You will receive:

  • Naked x 1
  • Passion x 1
  • Sweet Lover x 1
  • Fashionista x 1
  • First Choice x 1
  • Classic x 1

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